Imagine setting off for a new planet, how fantastic would that be! Space Travel gives you the chance to train for the long years of travel, be an astronaut on board your a spacecraft and prepare the new planet for the arrival of future residents from Earth. The exhibition takes you inside the world of space travel and science.
Space Travel, on the way to a new Earth is an exhibition created by the Museon in partnership with André Kuipers, Bruns, Designwolf, Jan Heijnen, Mud Motion, Kiss the Frog, Ilse van Marrewijk, the City of The Hague and the Association of Friends of the Museon and Omniversum.
Start your space voyage close to home: on earth the preparations are in full swing. Before you can become an astronaut you have to go through a whole process: you have to be physically fit and know everything about space techniques. You must be able to communicate with other astronauts from all countries of the world.

In addition, a team on earth is needed to help astronauts on their journey through space.
In space you live and work on a spaceship, which has many of the same facilities as the International Space Station, which now orbits the earth and is permanently inhabited by astronauts.

There are sleeping cabins, there is a robot arm and you can take a seat on a space-toilet. In addition, you can admire the real live view from the ISS and connect your capsule with new astronauts in it to the spacecraft in a docking game.
After a long journey through space, the time has finally come: you arrive at the new planet. There you need all kinds of things to survive: water, food, oxygen and energy are the basis, but also a house to live in is badly needed. Moreover, there are all kinds of things different from what we have on earth.

Discover the characteristics of all the different planets of our solar system and whether they would be suitable to live in and stroke your new space pet: the chicken. And could there actually be people living on the moon?
Space Travel is available for rent! It’s available from the end of October 2020. Minimal rental period is 6 months. The ground surface needed is approximately 600 m2.

For more information please contact:
Maarten Okkersen, Head of Communications
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